ePowerSwitch 4M+

  • Up to
  • 36 terminals
  • beeing observed.

Real control. Monitoring included.

The ePowerSwitch 4M+ is one of the basic devices in power distribution that is capable of switching up to 4 units independently. By cascading with any of the Neol products up to 36 sockets (or units) can be connected for example. The wide variety of plug & play sensors round up the monitoring of numerous environmental parameters in any environment.

  • Up to
  • 4 external devices
  • connected by xBus.

Maximum flexibility.

Nearly any of the Neol products are free to combine amongst others. The specially developed xBus allows both extensions and sensors for environmental monitoring to be connected. The adaption to individual project requirements is thus guaranteed at all times.

  • More than
  • 25 active components
  • for monitoring.

Decision made by competence.

More than 30 years experience in the field of power distribution shape the processes of automation and monitoring capabilities of the Neol products. Sequential power processes, numerous messaging options in alert state and group/rule definitions are just a few examples of a mature product.

  • Over
  • 350 components
  • for professional demands.

Hightech for professional applications.

When selecting our appliance components we ensure high availability and best workmanship. Thus, the ePowerSwitch ensures an extremely high level of security - both for their own administration interface as well as for the monitoring of IT and environment variables.

  • Up to
  • 40 locations
  • observed interlinked.

Lead through technology.

The Neol products enable worldwide monitoring of infrastructures. An alert state is transmitted over the internet using a secure connection up to 40 (!) remote sites, so defined rules can be triggered. These and many other possibilities not only unites the ePowerSwitch 4M + in one device, but also all other master and standalone products from Neol.



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